iCAM Engineering Ltd

iCAM Engineering Ltd

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Manufacturing and developing
high integrity chemical cylinders
& associated equipment

About Us

Founded in 1964, iCAM Engineering are a second generation family run business. The company specialises in the manufacture of high quality Stainless Steel fabrications, to a wide range of industries. Supplying a diverse product line which includes: Sampling Cylinders, Sensor Housings, Probes, Sampling Systems, Gas and Fluid Handling Systems, Manifolds, Pigtails, VCR Welded Assemblies, Thermowells, Coolers, and Cyclones.

The company also has extensive experience in the manufacturing of high integrity chemical cylinders. Producing its first cylinder back in 1986, using a combination of manual and orbital welding techniques. Today we rely on the same proven procedure and skills to produce thousands of full penetration sealing welds, essential for the containment of highly unstable compounds.

Scope of Supply

  • CNC machining & wire erosion
  • Manual welding
  • Orbital welding, closed head & lathe
  • Onsite installation welding
  • Electro-polishing & Manual polishing
  • Engraving, manual & laser
  • Expansion testing (water jacket)
  • Sampling & Pre conditioning systems (custom designs)


ISO Certificate

iCAM Engineering Ltd are an ISO 9001 registered company and a U.S. Department of Transport approved manufacturer and RIN testing facility (I337).

The safe containment of inherently dangerous compounds is of critical importance. Our production and quality control systems are key to the integrity of our vessels. Production and inspection procedures are closely monitored and audited. Our skilled production team are diligent and motivated, they understand the importance of their roles, within the process. All testing on cylinders is independently witnessed, in accordance with specification 4B. Pressure calculations and witnessing are provided by Steigerwalt Associates of Allentown P.A. Raw materials are sourced from N. American or European mills only, via approved stockholders. All materials are physically and chemically tested to ensure that properties are verified against material certification.

Statistical Process Control

Each cylinder is subjected to an extensive inspection routine, both internally and externally. On request more detailed analysis of selected parameters can be made using SPC providing a better understanding of where it may be possible to achieve performance improvements.